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Download & Run

Download and unzip the file from the Downloads section. The binary requires DirectX Redistributable (August 2009) to run. If you get a "d3dx9_42.dll missing" error, please download and install the August 2009 Redistributable (found here).

Compile the source code in Visual Studio 2008

To successfully build the T2 solution, you will need the following software installed:

In Visual Studio 2008, select Tools -> Options. In the Options dialog box, expand Projects and Solutions. Click on VC++ Directories. For Platform, select Win32. In the top right corner of the dialog box, select Include Files. Add the DirectX SDK include-path to the list. By default the path is (the date may vary):
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (August 2009)\Include

Now, add the DirectX SDK library-path, by first selecting Library Files from the drop-down list. The default path is:
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (August 2009)\Lib\x86

Once the directories are added, you should be able to successfully build T2.

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